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So...you think you can write? [11 Aug 2008|06:17pm]


Join loveletters_v1
a rating community for writers
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[17 Apr 2006|09:58pm]

We've created a site for writers and readers to come and share the joy of words! Our-Muse.com is the place, and we need your help! We've just gone online, and our archives are a bit...empty. That's where you come in! Submit your work to us...long stories, short stories, poetry, songs, or whatever else moves your writing hand, and if we like it, we'll post it on our site for millions to read. We want to provide a place for writers to get their stuff out there for others to read, and we can't do it without you! Sound good? Visit http://www.our-muse.com now and get writing!
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[29 Sep 2005|11:14pm]

This community is for Livejournal users to write fan fiction about one another. Do you have an LJ crush but can't get near him/her because you live too far away?

In our community you can be with him/her!

Is someone on LJ making you mad? You can make them suffer here! (FOR PRETEND!!!!!!)

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Blue Sun Stories [25 Jul 2005|06:26pm]

Hi everyone, I'd like to welcome you all to a new community for short story writing of all genres that is looking to recognise TALENT!

Every month, the top three stories posted in the community will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Think you have what it takes to get an award? Then enter as many stories as you like and find out for yourself! Awards are designed to encourage people to write more and write better!

You can also expect to get help on improving your stories from the other members and

Join blue_sun_story and see if you are one of the best short story writers here!

Invite as many others as you can.

(sorry if posting this here was against rules, if so I apologise and feel free to delete it)
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Official Registration for NaNoEdMo 2005 is now open! [22 Feb 2005|12:42pm]

Greetings fellow Writers/Editors!

We're getting closer to the kick off of
this year's National Novel Editing Month… March 2005.
And as we grow closer to the start of the challenge, we here at NaNoEdMo HQ invite
you to contemplate the Monster in the Box.Collapse )
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New Community [09 May 2004|10:34am]

Announcing a new community novelnovelbits. Come, have a look. It should be fun and entertaining, if not to write, then at least to read.

The rules of the game:
1. Please submit three consecutive sentences excerpted from a nonexistent novel. Then provide a title.
2. Don't be shy--give it a shot. All genres and styles are welcome. These submissions are not being judged or graded, although comments are welcome.
3. You may submit as many excerpts as you wish, but each excerpt is strictly limited to three sentences. No exceptions [N.B.: one of the earliest entries does not conform to this rule; this submission, however, was created in the early stages of the concept and is therefore exempt from this last stipulation]!
4. Have fun!
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[29 Oct 2003|06:01pm]

"Look," a voice sprang up in Sarah's head. "Look there, he's betraying your trust, reading your most private thoughts!"

Sarah shook her head, trying to clear the sound of the voice. She hadn't heard it in years, ever since...

No, she couldn't think of such things! That was the past, she had overcome it and put it behind her. But now... John...

"Do it," the voice said calmly. "You know you must."

No, Sarah thought, even though she knew already that she was losing control. Her hands reached down, as if controlled by some other force. She shook her head, but it was no use. Before she knew it, she had dressed herself in the monkey suit, the one from her past job... with the stench of vomit and... underlying... death.

"Now, go and do what you must do." Sarah obeyed the voice, taking a moment to look at the image again. The room where John read her journal... she knew the place. She knew exactly where to go...
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[17 Aug 2001|01:50pm]

(Back at the ranch...)

A pale green glow streamed up into Sarah's face from the bottom of the trunk. The light formed undulating patterns on her face, like moonlight reflected from water. She had no idea what it was she was looking at. Lying there at the bottom of the trunk was a strange object: circular, about the size of a dinner plate. Around its edge was a golden or brass ring about an inch across with strange shifting symbols rotating around what looked like a coruscating pool of luminescent liquid.

Mouth wide, barely breathing, she slowly reached down with her finger to touch the surface of the glowing pool. Her fingertip came in contact, and she felt a sudden sharp shock that swept throughout her body and ended, not unpleasantly, inside her, between her legs. The ripple from her finger spread instantly across the surface, seeming to smooth and solidify the substance into something like glass.

Looking closer, she saw something there. It was dark, but she swore it looked like Jonathan, sitting cross-legged on a crude dirt floor, rock walls around him...

Reading her journal.
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[17 Jul 2001|03:17pm]

Sarah loved another. After years of watching Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse she had developed a crush on Patrick Swayze. This is something that Jonathon just couldn't accept. Could it be that sweet little Sarah was lusting after this Hollywood Mullet-Spawn?!?! Gasp! The horror of it all. Could this be the cause of so many frustrating nights when Sarah just coulnd't perform?

Jonathon could be many things to her, but never a mullet.

His heart sank in desperation as he clutched the only thing still dear to him.
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[13 Jul 2001|11:45pm]

Most of her stories were of dreams of her former life, where she studied the mating habits of the Tibetan Yak.

But one, long confession, covered in teardrops... he knew he should't see it. Had she really subconciously planted it here for him to find? He continued to read, through shaky handwriting, the events of that night....
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[02 Jul 2001|10:40pm]

It wasnt too long before his inner-voice started speaking in tongues:

"This is too easy. Something this secret, ending up in your hands, with no conscious effort."

"She wants you to see this"

"She's showing you."

The louder his inner-voice shouted, the faster the pages turned. While there was no doubt that what he was reading to be true, he still did not want to 'believe' what he was reading.

"Why is she showing me??" Jonathon asked himself over again, like a tibetan mantra.

"What do I do now??" Gritting his hind-teeth like the gears of a diesel engine.

"Do I tell Nick?"
"Should I just put the journal back, and forget I saw it??"

"There is now way for me to ever forget I saw this."

"Sarah knows this" - his inner-voice qipped
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[02 Jul 2001|06:49pm]

Meanwhile, across town, Jonathon was hard at work a good sixty feet under the ground. No one knew of his job, and although he didn't like being thought of as a slacker and a mooch, he couldn't let anyone know what he did for a living, not even his best friends Nick and Mike, and certanly not Nick's nosey girlfriend, Sarah. When it was time for his break, he reached into his backpack and was quite astonished to pull out a journal he had never seen before, Opening it up, he immediately recognized Sarah's flowery handwriting. He had been in a rush that morning, and must have scooped it up with his things in the morning darkness. But how had she managed to leave it out? "Careless, careless," he muttered with a smirk and began to read. As he perused the pages, his eyes widened with surprise and amusement. "Looks like our sweet little Sarah has some secrets of her own." he chuckled.
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[02 Jul 2001|05:42am]

Meanwhile, across town...
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[28 Jun 2001|11:37am]

The lid was heavy and the hinges creaked and groaned as Sarah forced it open. Beads of sweat rolled off her forehead and trickled down her face.
She reached for her water again and took a long drink, gulping greedily.
Damn, its hot in here, she muttered.
She was beginning to regret her initial reaction to Jonathon's past. Maybe there was more information in the trunk.
Sarah peered into the depths of the leather-encased trunk, hoping to find something interesting. She saw old school papers, some notebooks and some clothes, nothing exciting, although it was definitely Jonathons stuff.
Sarah shuffled the papers around to look in the bottom of the trunk and she felt something pop as she touched it. Coiling back in fear, she looked at her hand to see if she had cut it or gotten a splinter, but it was fine.
Sarah got on her hands and knees and looked more carefully in the trunk. She began to take out the papers and the clothes, being careful to not rip anything. She noticed a loose board in the base of the wooden box; it sprang back when she pushed on it.
A false bottom? she asked herself? Why would Jonathon have a trunk with a false bottom?
Sarah quickly took the rest of the papers and clothes out of the box so she could look more carefully at her discovery. It was a false bottom!
Hey now, she thought. This is getting interesting!
She pried up the loose board was able to remove the panel separating the two compartments. Anxious to see what was inside, she tossed the panel to the floor and turned her attention to the real bottom of the trunk...
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[24 Jun 2001|10:43pm]

.... it was her tassels, from that summer she spent stripping for extra cash. Good times, good times. Except for the drunks. Morons. But hey, dead brains equal loose wallets.

Tossing those aside she found her monkey costume from the theme park job. Still smelled like toddler vomit. Yecch. Tossing that aside as well she saw a trunk she didn't remember. It wasn't locked so she took a peek inside.....
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[22 Jun 2001|11:29pm]

"Ahh, what the hell! Tragedy schmagedy!"

And, with that, Sarah tossed the yearbook over her shoulder without looking back. She had more important things on her mind........she needed to find her ganja! Her freshman and sophmore years had been filled with hot nights, hot men, hot sex, and hot pot smokin'.

Of course, she had given that all up to concentrate on........life itself. But, she was afraid someone might find this elusive reefer during the move. In addition, she was hopin' for a little walk down memory lane......

So she started going through the clothes nobody ever wore and came across..........
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[22 Jun 2001|11:04pm]

Sarah realized that although she and Jonathon had been together for over 2 years, she didn't know a lot about his past. He wasn't secretive about it, he just never offered any information and she never pushed the matter.
She lazily flipped through more pages of the yearbook. Another article, this one folded into a small square fell out of the pages. Sarah picked up the paper and gently unfolded it. The newsprint, worn with age was faint and hard to read. She could make out the headline "Three killed in devastating car accident"
Sarah strained her eyes to read more of the story.
"The small town of York mourns the loss of a leader today. Jon Ellis Sr. was killed early this morning by a drunk driver. Ellis' wife Melissa and their 7 year-old daughter Hannah were killed as well. Ellis' son Jonathon escaped the wreck with minor injuries."
"Holy shit," she thought. "Why didn't he ever tell me about this?"
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[22 Jun 2001|06:37pm]

He had graduated at 14, the article said, and he had been courted by some of the top universities in the nation. As she continuted to read about Jonathon's amazing academic feats and the lofty predictions for the future of the "boy genius," she couldn't believe she was reading about the same irresponsible slacker she knew. It simply seemed impossible. She became obsessed with finding out what had happened to him.
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[22 Jun 2001|11:41am]

Slightly cooled and ready to continue, Sarah dug through more boxes, searching out her own possesions, she came across Jonathon's high school yearbook. Curious, and more than a little willing to procrastinate in this heat, she flipped through it, looking for Jonathan's pictures and information.
She found not only his picture, but a small article about him clipped from a newspaper tucked inside.
He had graduated at 14....
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Rabid Yak Spit and Other Delusions [21 Jun 2001|11:23pm]

[ mood | storied ]

The whisper of turning pages filled the dead air as Sarah flipped through the dusty book. She hated being alone, especially at night. Nick promised her he would be back, but he still hadnt shown up.
They had to get this stuff done tonight. They were graduating next week and would be moving out of the house they shared with Mike and Jonathon. There was so much to go through; four years worth of collected books and magazines, papers they had written and clothes they never wore.
Michael was leaving too. He accepted a job on the east coast and would be moving out of the house that weekend. Jonathon had no real plans. Sarah thought that he would not amount to much. He was focused on getting drunk and getting laid. She fought with Nick about Jonathon even living in the house. He was a friend, but she didnt like his lack of motivation.
Even though she wore a tank top with a loose shirt over it, she was hot. The attic was heavy with moisture and the small window wouldnt open.
Sarah peeled off the shirt she was wearing and wiped her forehead. She tossed the book into a box and reached for her bottle of water. Tilting her head back, she let the icy liquid flow down her throat...

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