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Rabid Yak Spit and Other Delusions

The whisper of turning pages filled the dead air as Sarah flipped through the dusty book. She hated being alone, especially at night. Nick promised her he would be back, but he still hadnt shown up.
They had to get this stuff done tonight. They were graduating next week and would be moving out of the house they shared with Mike and Jonathon. There was so much to go through; four years worth of collected books and magazines, papers they had written and clothes they never wore.
Michael was leaving too. He accepted a job on the east coast and would be moving out of the house that weekend. Jonathon had no real plans. Sarah thought that he would not amount to much. He was focused on getting drunk and getting laid. She fought with Nick about Jonathon even living in the house. He was a friend, but she didnt like his lack of motivation.
Even though she wore a tank top with a loose shirt over it, she was hot. The attic was heavy with moisture and the small window wouldnt open.
Sarah peeled off the shirt she was wearing and wiped her forehead. She tossed the book into a box and reached for her bottle of water. Tilting her head back, she let the icy liquid flow down her throat...
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