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Official Registration for NaNoEdMo 2005 is now open!

Greetings fellow Writers/Editors!

We're getting closer to the kick off of
this year's National Novel Editing Month… March 2005.
And as we grow closer to the start of the challenge, we here at NaNoEdMo HQ invite
you to contemplate the Monster in the Box.

It's your novel. It's been sitting silently, getting
antsy, waiting for you to finally come and take it out
again, to breath life back into it. Or perhaps you've
been playing with your novel for some time, tweaking
things slowly but surely in your quest for perfection.
Or maybe you've just tried to forget about it -- until

Well the time to let it out of the box and tame it
with your vicious red pen is fast approaching. But
don’t worry, we'll help.

This year, the National Novel Editing Month is going
to see some new features and some new challenges.
These include:

1. We're instituting a new Buddy System. Each Editor
will need to find and converse with a "Buddy" or two
on the progression of their novel. Not only with this
Buddy help you through the editing process, they will
also be instrumental in Verifying Your Hours Editing.
More information is available at and FAQ page. But in the meantime take a
look around at your fellow writers and start making

2. We've been soliciting advice from professional
editors and writers around the world to be distributed
to participants. Don't miss these pearls of wisdom!

3. New T-Shirts, goodies and icons are in the works.
Stay tuned!

4. We've installed Progress Bars and Halos for donors.

The editing insanity begins March 1. Sharpen your red
pen. The beast awaits.
(Massively cross-posted. Sorry if it seems I'm doing a drive-by posting here, but it's all intended to spread the word of the event.)
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